Renegade Classics Lexington   1315 Winchester Rd 321 Lexington,KY40505   (859) 368-0846
Renegade Classics Lexington
1315 Winchester Rd 321
LexingtonKY 40505
 (859) 368-0846

Reviews Of Renegade Classics Lexington

4.95 65 Reviews
Mamie Ivey
Aug 04, 2018

Wow great store! They have everything you need to get ready to ride! Clothes, boots, patches, gloves, foot pedals, jewelery, germlin bells, helmets, gifts and a huge selection of leather. If your looking for a gift for a rider or just want to see some cool stuff check this place out!!

George Clark
Aug 02, 2018

Jacquie (Jacks) Aguilar
Jul 29, 2018

On my way home from a long long trip I stopped in this wonderful store for help to find some gloves that could help my hands last just a few hours more. The sales lady dropped what she was doing and came to my aide. She found the correct size XS shorty gloves with a gel palm. I had never had a pair of gloves that not only fit properly but that actually helped take the pressure off my clutch hand. This is the shop for female riders. You are treated with respect and they actually have driving gear for women. Not small men’s stuff but things that are made for women. I shall return!!!!

Bobby Crowder
Jun 08, 2018

Really enjoyed the store, it’s a bikers haven. I wish there was one in Louisville

David Napier
May 24, 2018

One if the most niche spots in town. Go, enjoy yourself and get that good looking gear.

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