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Riding Leathers: Time-Tested, Biker Approved

Riding Leathers: Time-Tested, Biker Approved

Every time you head out to take your motorcycle for a spin, you put yourself out in the elements and face danger without hesitation. To best protect yourself from harm while out on the road, you can equip yourself with riding leathers, one of the best forms of motorcycle protective gear. The leather materials will protect and shield your body from road rash and harsh weather conditions as you enjoy your two-wheeled adventures.

Benefits of Wearing Riding Leathers

As one of many motorcycle riders, you remain nearly invisible to other drivers, especially in inclement weather conditions. Even a near miss with another vehicle can throw you from your bike, potentially resulting in serious road rash injuries. You can acquire high visibility leather motorcycle jackets to help alert drivers to your presence in an effort to prevent these near-miss driving situations. If any incidents do occur, by wearing riding leathers, you have a good chance to walk away without a scratch due to the protection provided by the thick inner and outer materials.

How Leather Protects Against Wind

Wind tends to whip through even the tightest woven fabrics, causing extremities to go numb in an instant. Since wind cannot penetrate through leather, gear made from this material tends to fully eliminate the risk of wind chill. When you select your leather riding gear, try it on to verify that it fits comfortably and is not too loose, which could allow wind to flow through the gaps at higher speeds. Also, make sure to pick up some heavy-duty gloves to keep your hands warm and grip tight as you ride in any weather conditions.

To find a protective riding outfit that will last through the decades, partner with a skilled and experienced leathersmith.

Importance of Working with an Experienced Leathersmith

Not all leather is made equal, especially when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. Poor quality or overworked materials may start to show their age much faster than higher quality pieces. Before long, you might find your favorite gear tattered and in dire need of replacement. To find a protective riding outfit that will last through the decades, partner with a skilled and experienced leathersmith. Your leathersmith should be able to show you many examples that speak highly of his or her workmanship and dedication to the creation of quality riding gear.

What Riding Jacket is Part of Your Daily Gear?

So, what riding jacket do you trust to keep you comfortable, warm and just a little bit safer on the road? Hopefully, it is a high-quality leather jacket that will block wind chill and add an extra layer of protection for your rides. If you need to acquire a riding jacket or any other protective motorcycle gear, give our team at Renegade Classics a call at 859-368-0846 or simply drop by to browse our shop.